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Frequently asked questions

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What is Autodm AI?

Autodm AI provides a Multi-Agent Generative AI platform to design, deploy and monitor intelligent conversational agents online. The Autodm AI agents are revolutionizing communication with external stakeholders by offering automatic natural language, concise and friendly interactions, boosting engagement and conversion. Autodm AI has been founded by European AI experts with multiple decades of experience solving AI challenges for the largest organizations on the planet.

What is the role of artificial intelligence?

The AI enables the delivery of tailored, streamlined, and impactful support to users during their shopping experience, unlocking novel functionalities such as natural language processing, personalized recommendations derived from conversations and past activity, qualification question generation, image recognition, and task automation.

Does it integrate with my own systems and data repositories?

Yes, it is capable of integrating with your CRM, e-commerce platform, product catalogue, pricing, inventory, order, and other systems to access customer and product data, enabling seamless transaction processing.

How do I get started?

We run a 2-4 week installation project to tune our Agent to your needs and integrate it. Once live you will be self sufficient to continuously tune the Agent and you will subscribe to one of our monthly or yearly plans which is based on usage and outcome.

Does it support other languages?

Yes, Autodm AI supports about 95 languages. You can restrict your AI agent to only converse in specific languages.

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5 min read

Turning Ineffective Chatbots into High-performing Revenue Generators

Conversational AI must do more than just answer questions about products and services. It should provide recommendations, ask clarifying questions, capture intentions, and convert prospects into customers — seamlessly and naturally.
1 min

Autodm AI is proud to announce its selection by the French entrepreneur network Réseau Entreprendre 92 for its 2024 cohort

Autodm AI is thrilled to join the Réseau Entreprendre 92 2024 cohort, where we will receive both financing and expert support to accelerate our company's development.

Autodm AI selected in the Wavestone 2024 Generative AI radar

Autodm AI is honored to announce its selection in Wavestone's 2024 Generative AI Radar, specifically in the Sales & Marketing category.
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