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Make chatbots great again!

Organizations have utilized chatbots for customer engagement, but only 8% of customers have used them, with just 25% willing to use them again. Traditional chatbots were limited by rules and unable to handle complex queries. The emergence of Large Language Models like ChatGPT has sparked a new era, with a projected 23%+ annual growth in…

The 360-degree multi-AI agent orchestration platform

Our beta AI agent tests revealed diverse applications beyond customer experience and marketing. Departments are interested in using semi-autonomous agents for natural language interaction and plan to extend these roles to external stakeholders. Autodm AI aims to offer a multi-agent orchestration platform for seamless deployment and collaboration.

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Turning Ineffective Chatbots into High-performing Revenue Generators

Conversational AI must do more than just answer questions about products and services. It should provide recommendations, ask clarifying questions, capture intentions, and convert prospects into customers — seamlessly and naturally.
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Autodm AI is proud to announce its selection by the French entrepreneur network Réseau Entreprendre 92 for its 2024 cohort

Autodm AI is thrilled to join the Réseau Entreprendre 92 2024 cohort, where we will receive both financing and expert support to accelerate our company's development.

Autodm AI selected in the Wavestone 2024 Generative AI radar

Autodm AI is honored to announce its selection in Wavestone's 2024 Generative AI Radar, specifically in the Sales & Marketing category.
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